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Online Yoga: Positioning Body & Device

By Christine Brahmi Romero

WED JUL 01, 2020

Online Yoga Sessions

Please be punctual. Log in any time before class so your device is ready. A dialogue box will either say meeting hasn’t yet started, or you are in the waiting room. Zoom session will open 10 minutes prior to class start.

Class begins promptly. You may not gain access after class has begun. Once teaching, the instructor may not see a late entry, and it is disruptive to stop and let in latecomers.

Download the Zoom app to your computer or device. If you have already done so, please make sure you have upgraded to the latest software.

Follow the instructions below for setting up your device. The instructor must be able to see you during class for effective teaching. If you wish, you may turn off video during deep relaxation, and turn back on during breathing practices. Sessions are not recorded.

How to position your body and electronic device

Before classes begin, plan your space and practice setting up. You can switch the camera on your device to forward facing (as for a selfie) to practice.

  • Find a quiet place, where you can have your session undisturbed.
  • Leave enough space around you for safety.
  • It is important to have adequate internet connectivity.
  • You will be muted once class begins, so don’t worry about extraneous sound at your home, or if you would like to play music for your practice.
  • When signing on to Zoom, please use an identifiable name.
  • Wear clothing that distinguishes you from your back ground (i.e., light colored clothing against a dark background, dark clothing against a light background).
  • Have your blanket, pillow, block, strap, water and other props ready before we begin.
  • If needed, have a wall or sturdy furniture nearby for balance poses, leaving enough room for movement.
  • Position your mat wide edge to camera or at an angle, making sure your entire body can be seen.
  • Position your chair so that you can be seen head to toe whether sitting or standing.
  • Block strong light from windows to avoid being silhouetted.

Using a Phone or Tablet

  • Place your phone or tablet about 3 feet away, facing the wide edge of your mat.
  • Prop your device upright so the camera lens faces you.
  • If using a phone, turn it sideways.
  • You can raise the device on a box or books.
  • Make sure your entire body is visible on screen and that you can hear the teacher.

Using a Laptop

  • Place your laptop 3 to 6 feet away from your mat or chair, on a raised surface 2 feet or so from the ground.
  • Make sure your entire body is visible on screen and that you can hear the teacher.