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Creating a Sacred Space

By Christine Brahmi Romero

SUN JUL 05, 2020

As we adapt to online yoga, it's worth taking a few minutes to prepare your space for practice. Few have space for a dedicated room, so a shared area is necessary. One regular student uses the narrow floor space in her Pullman kitchen very effectively.

Even if using a shared place, it is possible to create a sacred space. This preparation becomes part of your Yoga practice, a ritual. Rituals bring us comfort; they are loving actions imbued with power, drawing us from the daily details to a deliberate focus.

• Create a Sattwic (tranquil) environment. 

It may be as simple as to sweep the floor and tidy up the area before practice. This is a great way to bring intention to the space. 

• Honor your Ishta Devata (cherished source of Divine Light and inspiration). 

If space allows, create an altar. It needn't be elaborate. Perhaps a flower in a vase, a candle, a stone, a picture, or some incense if that pleases you. The altar may be left in place as a daily reminder of your practice, or a mobile altar created, carefully putting away items between use and moving it between available space for practice. 

Yoga is more than merely exercise – it can be transcendent, guiding you toward Svarupa (intrinsic form). Think of starting your daily practice as if welcoming a special guest – your True Self or Atman. OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti